20 years exist to support Financial Industry. More than 30 combined years of experience in Technology and Business Process. Our vision is to establish data literacy and technology supremacy for all companies in Indonesia, together with all partners. Therefore our mission is to assist all companies in Indonesia taking their digital transformation journey. We want to be the best partner to complete your company digital transformation. With all our experience, network, skill and knowledge, we believe we can bring your business / operations to the next level. We provide service and system integration to meet your business needs today and in the future.


Our partners network is strong enough to provide all solutions you need to to establish strong data administration, operations, analytic and presentation capabilities in your company. Data is the next fuel. Data Authority is your future business. Without it you will be left behind in competition. Solusindo Total Teknikatama has started to focus on big data analytic since 2011. We are more than ready to assist you to win data processing mastery in your Digital Transformation journey.


Digital transformation does not always mean to adopt all software and mobile apps. We have to ensure all culture and policy align with digital transformation strategy. Our team always update their skill and knowledge to establish data governance, devsecops, even to promote disrupted ways to manage system developments and business operations.





Sales For Automation

Scale up your business, embrace the automated digital platform with affordable investment. No more headache to get quality leads and losing opportunities. Ensure your ads budget paid off. Check how we run a digital marketing campaign.

Business Analitycs

Analayize your data. Not only just Visualize your data. We analyse big data with real statistic tools. We don't analyse big data with data visualization tools only. 9 year experience in big data analysis solutions. Get your customized analytic platform.

Marketing Analitycs

Manage your customers' profile better. Market segmentation could be done easily and the targetted campaign can be done automatically. Manage marketing Funnel as well as managing the sales priority.

System  Itegrator

Accelerate your sales process with our technology solutions. Integrate your product campaign with CRM and analytical tools. Chain your sales process to finance operations. Check how we integrate end to end trading process.






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