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Web Consultation

Internet Infrastructure

We provide one stop solution internet service for your service. Attach your local computer network with internet service may add more complexity to your IT services. Start from connection stability, interconnection, accessibility, security, bandwidth management, you name it. We have solutions applicable to your small and medium size business. Contact us for more assistant to your internet problems.

Internet over VSAT


We provide internet service for rural area where cabling infra-structure are limited. It covers Sabang to Merauke foot print. As long as you see the blue sky, you can get internet access.

IT Support

Internet for Small Medium Corp.


Let us manage your intra office Local Area Network and wifi. We bring another security layer for PC and mobile device to reduce virus attack, spam and other malicious threat.

IT Support

Internet for Retail


Since internet has become a real demand for mobile users, retail chain has to equiped their market place with wifi hotspot. Our solution on wifi management has simplified the security access management process to provide internet service to the customers.

IT Support

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