Web Consultation

Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing, we help your business to acquire and maintain customers through internet channels. You can bring up your market place into virtual word (online business) or just make another big impact by directing your customers with online influence, as if it runs in traditional marketing.

Web Site Development


We have more than 5 years experince to design, develop, manage and promote websites for customers. We understand a website is the essential element to promote your product and service in the virtual world. If your website could not attract customers then you need to think it over to invest further in online business. 

Our team capable to attract and redirect customers flow into your website or other social media channels. We prepare a foun-dation for web analytics or target marketing process.

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eMail & Online Marketing


We have tools and partners in mass email marketing and electronic messaging service to support your product campaign. Supported by our marketing analytic tools, we capable to improve the campaign successful ratio thru targetted marketing.

We assist you to prepare the right content for the right customer. We assist you to measure and analyze your customer behaviour to forecast what will be the right campaign for this customer. Now you even can talk about your marketing ROI with confident.

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Integrated Services


Our experience in SEO, PPC, SMM and marketing analytics will be integrated with our traditional marketing effort to ensure real impact on your market.


As long as we have the target market locked, then we know what to do. Raising your brand awareness is no longer a confuse. Creating an online market place is no longer just a dream.

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Customer Engagements

Our excellent tools to understand customers more is CRM. ZOHO CRM is the most widely used globally to capture leads and manage customer data as well as their transactions. Integration with finance application like ZOHO Inventory and ZOHO Books brings your customer engagements to the next level

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