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Web Consultation

Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation (DMA) is the use of digital tools to analyze customer behavior and then initiate and guide marketing actions. DMA goes beyond marketing operations and marketing automation software. DMA encompasses the strategies and software tools that enable organizations to gain a better understanding of their customers. DMA tools integrate business processes, techno-logy, and communication to help organizations deliver a consistent and seamless customer experience. DMA tools automate many marketing tasks, including lead management, lead scoring, customer segmentation, and campaign management. DMA software integrates with other CRM and marketing automation software, including ZOHO CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Eloqua, and Adobe Campaign.

Web & Social Site Development


Solusindo Total Teknikatama has 2 main divisions: webdesign and digital  marketing. We specialize developing websites for small to medium businesses. Our approach in developing websites is different from other web developement companies. Instead of just developing websites, Solusindo tries to help companies build online presence through online marketing and obtain a growing revenue from digital assets. Our philosophy in developing websites is to see a website as more than just a digital advertisement. Solusindo tries to create websites that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. We create websites that are visually appealing. Solusindo tries to create websites that are visually appealing, using clean, uncluttered layouts. Solusindo’s goal is to make users feel comfortable when they visit the website.

eMail and WhatsApp Marketing


Email marketing is the most widely-used digital marketing channel today. The immense popularity of this channel can be attributed in large part to the simplicity of its technology, combined with the low cost of its usage. Email marketing has therefore become an essential component of the overall marketing strategy for many businesses.

Our total email marketing solution that allows you to create, send and track email campaigns. You can not only contact existing customers but also find new customers. it's easy for non-technical users to send bulk emails with minimal effort. Our email marketing solution has autoresponders that enable you to automatically send emails to your customers. In addition, you can create follow-up sequences that will automatically send emails to your customers.

Integrated Services


Our experience in SEO, PPC, SMM and marketing analytics will be integrated with our traditional marketing effort to ensure real impact on your market.


As long as we have the target market locked, then we know what to do. Raising your brand awareness is no longer a confuse. Creating an online market place is no longer just a dream.

Benefits from Customer Engagements

The secret to engaging customers is by listening to them, and by relating their wishes and possibilities to your products or services. Solusindo Total Teknikatama will help you achieve this.

ZOHO CRM is a robust CRM solution that helps businesses improve customer engagement. It integrates seamlessly with other Zoho applications, and allows users to track and manage leads and contacts, monitor performance, and improve customer relationships. But boosting customer engagement with your ZOHO CRM solution requires more than just a CRM. It requires a complete marketing suite, including SEO, mobile, and email marketing solutions.

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