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Our Business Analytic Project Portofolio

We have assisted many banks either solo or together with partners in leveraging their business process, improve their database quality, migrate their operations into new better environment and providing reports for their managements in order to make a better strategic decision

Business Report & SAS Implementation


We assisted Bank BTN together with local system integrator to develop Asset & Liability Management System, supported by SAS tools.

We also assist Bank BTN marketing and risk team to apply SAS tools in order to improve their business modeling.

SAS System Upgrade


We assisted Immigration office Indonesia to improve passport holder database nation wide in order to build better data warehouse in their business process.

SAS System Migration


We assisted Bank Danamon Indonesia team to migrate SAS desktop platform from more than 30 departments into an integrated Server based platform to improve their data integration, security access and integrated data warehouse.

SAS Implementation


We assisted and supported more than 20 SAS users in bank BTPN Indonesia

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