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Business Continuity
Process Consultancy


Solusindo Total Teknikatama provides management and technology consultation services for clients to develop their Business Continuity Process, integrated with departmental Disaster Recovery Process. This will be more practical approach rather than a certification process. In order to complete BC Plan, each department need to prepare their DR Plan. By using IT DRP as a reference, business department will be able to complete their plan effectively and efficiently.


STT to share their experience in testing business DRP and BCP. In a disaster situation the staff creativity is no longer needed. They just need to follow procedures in order to ensure recovery points, recovery time and recovery consistency targets are achieved.


STT to adopt ISO 22301:2012 for Business Continuity, OJK regulations on risk management – business continuity and other best practices





Initiating BC process could not be done without Top Management Level support. All directors own their BC Process. They are responsible to keep their business operations running even though in a disaster situation. Either natural disaster or technical catastrophic. Either market or political disaster.


STT helps their clients to initiate and maintain their BC Plans company wide. Effective plans will be tested in DRP - BCP tests. STT assists the business to have the plan works. Once effective plans are tested, the company can introduce BC policies to obtain commitment from all related parties.


STT conducts testing events together with staff. Encouragement and mobilization is essential to have a thorough test process.

STT also assists the business to be able to run their test independently in the future. Business will be to setup a management team called BC Management with appropriate authority and responsibility. By that time STT would assists the business to keep up the standards thru process assessments.

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